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Features of our Service

Our most advanced HD DVR ever.

    Now everyone in your family can enjoy all of their favorite shows, live or recorded, in any room—from a single HD DVR.* It’s called Genie and it’s our most advanced HD DVR ever. Genie gives you full HD DVR functionality on every TV in your home, lets you record five shows at once, and offers more HD recording capacity than cable. Consider your TV wishes granted.

Pick a room(Any room)

    Doesn’t matter how many TVs you have in your home. With Genie, you and your family can enjoy a full HD DVR experience on every one of them, from a single HD DVR.^ Record, pause, rewind, fast-forward, and delete shows in any room, even start watching in one room and finish in any other. Plus your family can watch live or recorded TV in up to four rooms at the same time.

Say goodbye to inconvenient cable boxes.

    Genie lets you enjoy all your entertainment and full HD DVR functionality in additional rooms without seeing additional equipment. All you need is a small, easy-to-hide device called a Genie Mini for each additional TV. Or with a Samsung or Sony DIRECTV Ready TV, you don’t need any additional equipment at all.*

Record more, store more.

    Tired of recording conflicts? Genie puts an end to all that by letting you record five shows at once.^ Plus you also have more recording capacity than cable, so you don’t have to keep deleting shows to make room for new ones.

Finding your sports is now easier than ever.

    No more searching through the guide to find the big game. With Genie, you can pick all the teams you want to follow and find all of their games in one convenient location.

One screen. Two shows.

    Can’t decide between two shows to watch? No problem. With Genie’s Picture-in-Picture, you can tune in to two channels at the same time on one screen. You can even watch them side by side.**

Recommendations tailored for you.

    Genie recommends shows you might like based on what you already watch, and even asks to record them for you. Like what you see? You can record the entire series. It’s never been easier to discover new favorites.

Now playing on any screen near you.

    DIRECTV brings you all the entertainment you love on just about any device you have in your possession. Stream live TV. Watch the latest blockbusters and hottest shows On Demand. Even watch your DVR recordings. Any time, anywhere.

Stream live TV.

    Who says you need be in front of a TV to watch TV? Watch your favorite channels live on your tablet or phone anywhere in your home Wi-Fi network. You can even stream select channels when you’re away from home*.

Watch On Demand wherever you demand.

    Watch the hottest On Demand TV shows and movies whenever and wherever you want†. Choose from hit titles from your favorite networks, including HBO®, STARZ®, SHOWTIME®, Cinemax®, and many more—plus thousands of the biggest big-screen blockbusters on DIRECTV CINEMA®.

Take your DVR playlist to go.

    With a GenieGO connected to your HD DVR, you can watch your recorded shows on your computer or mobile device anywhere. You don’t even need an Internet connection when you want to watch.

Your destination for the biggest blockbusters.

    DIRECTV CINEMA® gives you instant access to the hottest new Pay Per View releases.
    New movies are added every week, select new titles available nearly a month* before they’re on
    Netflix® or Redbox®. Enjoy them on your TV in 1080p HD* or anywhere else, on your laptop, tablet, or cell phone.

Movies On Demand on your TV. And all your favorite devices.

    With your Internet-connected HD DVR, you have instant access to thousands of movies, including the hottest new releases* on your TV – any time you want them. Go to Channel 1100 on your TV to browse.

    DIRECTV goes anywhere you go. You can stream all the newest movie releases anywhere, on your laptop, tablet, or phone†. The best entertainment is now wherever you want
    it to be.

Power every TV with a single HD DVR.

    With DIRECTV Whole-Home DVR service, everyone in your family can enjoy their favorite entertainment on their own schedule on any TV in your home, not just the one connected to your HD DVR.

Enjoy your recorded shows on any TV.

    With Whole-Home DVR service, every TV in your home has access to your HD DVR. So if you want to enjoy a recorded show in the comfort of your bedroom, even though your HD DVR is in the living room, you can do just that.

    Remote viewing requires a model C31 or higher Client, H25 HD Receiver(s) or RVU-enabled TV/device in each additional room, a SWiM network and Advanced Receiver Service ($25/mo.).

Start in one room, finish in another.

    Say you’re enjoying a recorded movie in the living room, but you want to finish watching it in the comfort of your bed. No problem. Just stop the movie, and once you’re in your bedroom, just go to your DVR playlist and resume watching where you left off.

Manage your DVR playlist from any room.

    You can even set your DVR to record a show from any room or delete any recorded show from any room. Whole-Home DVR service lets you manage your DVR from any TV in your home.

Watch the movies and shows you want—whenever you want.

    Missed an episode of your favorite show? Or maybe you have an entire season to catch up on? No problem. DIRECTV On Demand has thousands of the top TV shows, as well the newest big-screen blockbusters, available any time you want them. To start enjoying DIRECTV On Demand, you just need an HD DVR connected to the Internet†.

Catch up on your favorite shows.

    You’ll find the hottest TV shows on DIRECTV On Demand, including acclaimed series from HBO®, Cinemax®, STARZ®, and SHOWTIME®, and much more. Take them one episode at a time or back to back. The choice is yours*.

All of the hottest new movie releases. A huge movie library at your beck and call.

    We bring the biggest hits to your TV in stunning Blu-ray quality, available nearly a month before they’re on Netflix®. With new movies added every week.

    Comedy, drama, romance, documentaries. Your favorite classics to the big box office hits from HBO®, Cinemax®, STARZ®, and SHOWTIME®. All at no extra charge.

Enhance your TV experience with amazing advanced features.

    When it comes to delivering all the best in TV entertainment, no one beats DIRECTV. But we take your TV enjoyment even further with cool advanced features like interactive TV apps, multi-cell channels, and more.

Your TV’s not just for watching.

    With a press of a button on your remote, get up-to-the-minute sports scores, track your NFL.com fantasy league, see what’s trending on TV, get the weather, and connect with friends on Facebook and Twitter. Experience DIRECTV TV Apps. You’ll love them.

Amazing tablet and phone apps to entertain you anywhere.

    Feast on a cornucopia of your favorite shows and movies with the DIRECTV Apps for your tablet and phone. And experience football like never before with the NFL SUNDAY TICKET App. With DIRECTV, you never have to leave your entertainment behind.

All the TV you love at your fingertips.

    Watch live TV, the hottest shows and movies On Demand, your DVR playlist—it’s all just a tap away*. You can even set your DVR from anywhere, discover new shows, control your TV and more. The DIRECTV app turns your tablet into an entertainment powerhouse.

Take your shows on the road.

    Wherever life takes you, you never have to be without the entertainment you can’t live without. With the DIRECTV app on your phone, your favorite movies and shows are all right there in your pocket, ready to entertain whenever and wherever the mood strikes you†. You can even search for shows using just your voice.

Games, stats, and fantasy to go.

    The NFL SUNDAY TICKET App turns you into a gridiron guru. With your subscription to NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX, you can watch games live on your tablet or phone, track your fantasy league and favorite players, get up-to-the-minute highlights, even put games on your TV with a simple swipe.

See your balance, pay your bill, even order Pay Per View, all by text message.

    Managing your DIRECTV account and ordering entertainment to watch on your TV couldn’t be easier.
    All you have to do is text us. And you can do it from anywhere.

Pay your bill or check your balance.

    Quickly pay your DIRECTV bill or check your account balance on the go. To check your balance, text BAL to 21880. To pay your bill, text PAY to 21880 and follow the prompts.

Order your favorite entertainment.

    Texting is the easiest way to order movies and Pay Per View events. You can also activate premium networks and sports packages. Your entertainment will be waiting on your TV when you get home. Just text the appropriate code to

    Additional Details

    Order a DIRECTV CINEMA™ movie
    Text MOVIE to 223322. Then follow the prompts.Order a Pay Per View event
    Text EVENT to 223322.Then follow the prompts.

    Order an Adult program
    Text AE to 223322. Then follow the prompts.

    Activate a premium network
    Text the network code to 223322. Then follow the prompts:

    HBO® code: HBO
    STARZ® Super Pack code: STARZ
    Cinemax® code: CINEMAX

    Activate a sports package
    Text SPORTS to 223322. Then follow the prompts.

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