Features Of Our Service

Main features of our service include:

    100 percent HD programs with the technology that enables enhanced and extensive channel selection as per the taste of our customers
    Exorbitantly low price of the programming packages and existence of special combo packages that help our customers watch more channels without paying extra amount.
    1080p – 750i VOD pictures with resolution similar to Blue-Ray Disc, DVRs with multiple room capability along with the best DVR available in the market.
    Backed by Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, a crystal clear video watching experience that is extremely easy to upgrade.

Hopper and enjoy features:

  • This enables you to record upto 6 programs simultaneously during the prime time so that you never miss your favorite show in case you are not at your home
    The option of pausing, rewinding and playing your favorite show in every TV that you have connected to the set up. This will help you watch your favorite program from the coziness of your bedroom
    You will have the option of having a strict vigil on what others are watching in other TVs at other rooms – a technology that will help you to have an eye on your children if needed!
    Option to watch the best pictures even without buffering and this will allow you to choose from amongst more number of movies offered.
    Option to save your TV from volume fluctuation during commercials.
    The option of watching HD programs and having control over DVRs in upto 4 rooms simultaneously.
    Option to watch recorded as well as live streaming on upto 4 HD TVs simultaneously.
    Option to use one Hopper DVR and 3 smaller Joey receivers.
    Option to more than250 hours of HD storage and 2000 hours of SD storage with the help of 2 TB hard drive.
    Option to download upto 10 full length movies in a day.
    Remote control locator. TV APPs with a real time access to Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Pandora, news, sports, games, weather, and stock quotes