Features Of HughesNet

Enjoy high-quality home phone service!

    Your high-speed Internet can save you big money on phone bills. 

    Now HughesNet brings you not only great Internet service, but great home phone service too! With HughesNet Voice you can enjoy more affordable phone service with FREE premium features.

FREE Premium Features include:

    • Call Waiting
    • Call Forwarding to multiple phones
    • Unlimited calling in the domestic U.S. and Canada
    • Caller ID (inbound and outbound)
    • Enhanced Voicemail with remote access and email and text alerts
    • Keep your existing phone number or choose a new one


How does it work?

    HughesNet Voice uses advanced Voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology to deliver a feature-rich home phone service over your satellite connection. The service uses a device called an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter), which will route your calls through your satellite modem and dish – just like that!

    HughesNet Voice is optimized to work over your satellite connection, so (unlike third-party voice applications) it doesn’t interfere with your Internet use and doesn’t affect your plan’s monthly Data Allowance

Affordable Plans and Extra Savings

    HughesNet Voice offers service plans starting as low as $19.95* per month for the first three months! And you can choose from two optional calling plans for International calls to the most frequently called countries.**

    HughesNet Voice

    In fact, HughesNet Voice is so affordable that you can save as much as 25-35% over traditional landline phone services. Plus, you can save an extra $10 to $30 per month on Call Waiting, Caller ID, and other premium features that come FREE with HughesNet Voice. Now that’s cool!




    Whether you desire all HD programming or just a portion of it, HughesNet offers HD-specific programming for its subscribers.

    Free DISH TV DVR Upgrade available for dual-room receivers, so you can watch two different TV programs in two separate rooms of your home! Convenient, yet quality television enjoyment!

    Local programming is provided at only $5 additional per month (nearly 97% of the country has this option to maintain local channels).

    On Demand capabilities for a variety of television watchers including sporting events as well as pay per view movies are offered!

    HughesNet, dial up and Earthlink DSL Internet services are available for subscribers.

    DISH customers receive 60 commercial free SIRIUS music satellite radio channels.

    Order Dish Network today! Call 1-866-580-0687 or Order Online!

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