In The Home:
Home Security

When deciding on home security, it is important to make sure the alarm system fits your home. Many other companies box you into small number of sensors or specific monitoring types. With Protect America, we offer various sized packages that are not only affordable can be customized to fit your needs. Therefore you get a home security that truly gives you peace of mind while saving you money.

In The Home: Video Surveillance Cameras
Recommended for high traffic areas. Easily check on maintenance workers, pets or babysitters. Simply access your home’s secure LIVE video feed with our Smart Connect App while at work or even on vacation. Protect America makes it easy to add video home security into your house today.

In The Home: Mini Pin Pad
Placing these strategically throughout your home can come in handy when you least expect it. These pin pads have the capability to sends distress signals to alert the authorities. You also have the power to arm and disarm the system. The pin pad is the perfect mix of security and convenience mixed in one

In The Home: Door or Window Sensors
The most common piece of security equipment when it comes to securing your home, door or window sensors are used to detect when any door or window is opened. Protect America uses wireless micro sensors to help keep them inconspicuous and out of the way. We recommend a door / window sensor should be placed on any easily accessible door or window to attain a secure home perimeter.

In The Home: Talking Wireless Keypad
The talking wireless keypad allows you to arm, disarm, and even send emergency signals directly from the keypad. This touchpad operates off of two double AA batteries and is wall-mountable. This means you can place this touchpad in a hallway, room or other living area as you please.

In The Home: Two Button Panic
The two button panic is recommended to be placed in a hidden location such as a drawer or underneath a cabinet. A favorable spot for the button is by your night stand for easy arming right before bed. The two button panic has a 24 hour panic that will summon the police if needed, anytime. Simply press the lock and unlock feature to enact the panic mode.

In The Home: Motion Detector
We value protection just as much as simplicity and design. That’s why our motion detectors are both effective and easy to use. Since each motion detector recognizes heat and movement within a 25-foot range in a 90-degree arc, you can confidently place the equipment in most nooks and crannies throughout your home. A good rule-of-thumb is to position them more heavily in high-traffic areas. Additionally, our motion detectors are designed with pets in mind, meaning that they won’t detect animals up to 40 lbs., reducing false alarms—and mini heart attacks.

In The Home: Garage Door Sensor
Just because you keep it in the garage doesn’t mean it isn’t worth protecting. Cars, tools, lawn equipment and storage can all be valuable assets to your life. Protecting these things is easy with our Garage Door Sensor.

The Garage Door Sensor is designed to be mounted on the inside of your overhead garage door.

In The Home: The Simon XT Touchscreen
Place the touchscreen in a central location like the kitchen, living room or main entrance. The touchscreen comes with hands free capabilities with its built in digital voice commands, for when you are unable to check for something on the main control panel.

In The Home: Glass Break Detector
The glass break sensor should be mounted on the wall within a 20 foot radius of open air space from the windows or glass doors that you want to protect. Typically you want to mount one in each living area or room for complete protection.

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