GPS Vehicle Tracking
Our simple-to-use GPS tracking device plugs into your car’s existing ODB port and allows you to keep a “virtual eye” on your vehicle.
Get customizable alerts via email or text if your teenager or loved one is speeding or even if they are going to places they shouldn’t. Keep an eye on them while they are away from home or at college. If your car is stolen, track its location. Our GPS vehicle tracking brings an added level of security and control to any vehicle.

Customizable Notifications
Our vehicle GPS tracking device can easily create notifications that allow you to keep an eye on what your teenager or loved one is doing. Get notified by email or text when their car enters an “off limits” zone or receive an alert if they decide to speed while on a little joy ride.

Check on your Vehicles from any Computer
Sign in at home, work, or even the library to check on your car.

Plug and Play Technology
Installation is as easy as plugging the device into your OBD port.

Easily Monitor Elderly Drivers
Worried about your elderly parents?

Keep Track of Company Vehicles
Know where your employees are going and see if they’re on schedule.

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