Never be locked out again.
Transform your house into a smart home with a lock that thinks. Unlock doors with your phone, program multiple user codes and check the status of your lock from anywhere, anytime.

Welcome to the easy life.

In The Home: Z-Wave Appliance Module
The Z-Wave appliance module can be used with small appliances and all types of lighting including incandescent, fluorescent, LED, Halogen, and Xenon. The module contains one Z-Wave AC outlet and one standard AC outlet.

In The Home: Freeze Sensor
Mount the freeze sensor on an interior wall in an area of the house that is more likely to experience lowered temperatures first; for example, an entryway or laundry room. Never place it near furnaces, heating vents, or in other areas with excessive heat and moisture.

In The Home: Flood Sensor
The basement or first level of your business or residence (i.e. in the kitchen if you don’t have a basement) is the best place for a Flood Sensor. Mount the detector on the lowermost area of your wall or even right on the floor in order to detect water. A home security system with a flood sensor can also be a great way to help make sure a vacation or vacant home is safe and secure while you’re not there.

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