Automatic Call Recording

Easily enable automatic recordings for your inbound and outbound calls.

Feature benefits:

Easy to set up

  • With a few simple clicks, admins can enable automatic recordings for one or multiple users.
  • Admins can enable automatic recordings for inbound calls to departments.
  • Quickly select recordings for incoming and/or outgoing calls.

Playback or download recordings anytime

  • Recorded calls are saved in call logs and can be played back anytime.
  • Download individual or multiple recordings for review and playback.

Flexible announcements

  • Use default or custom announcements for inbound calls.
  • Emails are automatically sent to users enabled for automatic recordings.

On-demand option

  • Enabled users can record specific calls they make or receive, at their convenience.
  • Such calls can be recorded from any device, anytime.


How does Automatic Call Recording work?

  • Once activated for an extension by an admin, Automatic Call Recording will record all of that extension’s incoming and outgoing calls. Recordings can be enabled for individual or multiple users and can be downloaded or played back anytime.
  • Recordings can be enabled for inbound calls to departments.
  • You must have RingCentral Office (Premium or Enterprise) to use automatic recordings. Please call sales at 1-877-323-8684 for pricing and details.

Is there limitation on number of recordings?

  • Recordings are unlimited and are automatically saved in call logs for up to 90 days. You can download the recordings for your own records or for playback in the future.

How does on-demand call recording work?

  • For any particular call you want to record, simply press *9 to begin recording and press same to end recording. It’s that easy.