Call Flip

Transfer live conversations seamlessly from one device to another with RingCentral Call Flip.

Feature benefits:

You’re free from interrupting calls with “let me call you back”

  • Flip a call from your desk phone to your mobile phone on your way out of the office.
  • Flip a mobile call to your home phone once you’ve finished your commute.
  • Simply dial two numbers and flip.
  • Call flip uses your list of quick-dial forwarding numbers, so you can easily move a call in progress from one of your devices to another.
  • During a conversation, press (*) followed by the quick-dial number of a device you want to flip a call to. For example, press (*) 3 to flip a call to your mobile phone.


Which devices can I use to flip calls?

  • Use Call Flip with any touch-tone telephone that accepts incoming calls to your RingCentral number, any touch-tone device that works with RingOut, or any device connected to a digital line.

How long does it take to flip a call?

  • Calls flip instantly. Just pick up the phone that’s receiving the call when it rings, and hang up the phone that’s transferring the call.

Can I use Call Flip to transfer calls that aren’t in my quick-dial list?

  • No, you can only flip numbers you’ve added to your quick-dial list. Or, you can transfer calls to any device with the call transferring feature.